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UAS-DTU is a team of undergraduate students of Delhi Technological University, devoted to developing indigenous technological solutions for UAVs. Our Ultimate Goal is to reduce India's reliance on COTS products and foreign UAVs. Focussing on humanitarian uses of UAVs, we are developing a new generation of low-cost Image Processing Paradigms and Flight Control Systems to aid in Surveillance and Reconnaissance.


The team is structurally divided into 5 Departments which are briefly described ahead


This department is responsible for design ,development and fabrication of the Air-frame.It includes working on various analysis software platforms and various fabrication techniques .


This department is responsible for all the autonomy which is provided in the UAV. It develops stable auto-pilot firmwares, mission planning softwares. The department also handles various flight related issue's and ensure that the flight is always on right track.

Machine Vision

This department adds a vision to the UAV and focuses on processing the images clicked by the camera on-board. It packs the UAV with features like survelliance , object-tracking and detecting targets.


Electronics department aims at selecting, integrating and optimizing various mission critical subsystems to provide and efficient,easy to debug and reliable avionics system for a successful UAV mission.Our dept works on the following domains: 1. Propulsion systems 2. Communication systems 3. Antenna design and optimization 4. Circuit design, simulation and fabrication 5. System integration

Corporate & PR

This department ensures that the team does not fall short of funds and the team keep going.

Our Team

Rohan Singh
Team Leader

He manages the team and makes sure everyone performs his task.  

Vaibhav Darbari
Autopilot Boss

Adds logic and liveliness to the team.He continously seeks new ways to modernize pre-existing UAVs.  

Saksham Gupta
Autopilot Developer

He has developed one of the major software(Navigator) for all-round automation.Aims to develop every modern feature in our UAV.The major developer of this site.

Lakshay Kejriwal
Machine Vision Boss

He is the backbone of Image Processing Department.One of the greatest RC Pilots in the team.  

Shashwat Jain
Machine Vision Developer

He is one of the most creative member. He ensures that new thinking is alive in the team. One of the major developer of this website. 

Piyush Menghani
Electronics Boss

He has a way with circuits. He can fix each and every electronic item whenever needed.  

Pransh Rana
Airframes Technician

He has special abilities when it comes to mechanical structures. He know his way around any mechanical equipments. 

Harsh Raj Chauhan
Airframes Technician

He adds calmness to the team. Mechanics is his right hand job.

Rishabh Dagur
Airframes Technician

He is a hardworking guy.He is an integral part of mechanical department and aims to achieve new levels of success in mechanics.

Past Members

Shivam Gautam
Team Leader 2013-2014


Divya Sanghi
Project Manager


Parth Chopra
Electronics Head


A.L.G Prasad
Airframes Head



For the past years we have worked endlessly and our work has been appreciated through various awards


3rd place

  • First IN Flight Readiness Review
  • BEST Journal
  • WON 1350$


6th place

  • WON $2900


3rd place

  • 2nd rank in Journal Paper presentation
  • 4th rank in oral presentation
  • WON $5100


7th place

  • Dr. Arthur Reyes Safety Award
  • WON $3300

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LW2FF1 Dept of E.C.E Delhi Technological University-42

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